Website Links Count Checker

About Website Links Count Checker

Do you want to know how many internal and external links lead to your website? Check out our website links counter checker. It is a tool to check how many outgoing and incoming links are linked to a particular page. Simply insert or copy the URL into the Inspector area and click here to find the number of links to a particular page. 

The tool can also help you determine the value of external links that could affect the quality of your website, as some pages may contain too many links instead of what the user is looking for. If you want to avoid this problem, use the Link Count Checker to help you get all the necessary details about the number of links to a given page. It can also help you remove unwanted links or links from specific pages after finding all the information you need.

Free Online Website Links Count Checker Tool is used for a variety of purposes and one of them is to check if external links are linked to your website's pages and to ensure their quality. As you know, for example, SEO by referencing too many outgoing links is not good. The tool searches the number of links to other pages on the website. If your site allows users to post their content and keep links to other pages on the site, it's best to use the website links count checker. You can count the exact number of links to your site, including external and internal links.

Website Links Count Checker

How to use Link Count Checker 2019 tool?

Website Links Count Checker 2019 tool is very easy to use. Simply enter the URL in the text field and click the "Check" button. Professional and smart algorithm is sued to process your requests and generate results immediately. The following results of information will be displayed as output:

  • Total links
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Nofollow link
  • Dofollow the link

Total number of links: total number of internal and external links to the website. There are links to check web links, which also define the number of duplicate links and empty anchors.

Internal Links: Linked pages that can be found on the website. They are usually linked via a menu or a link to a website.

External links: Links to other websites or related websites. The higher the value of external links and websites, the better SEO is. However, all links must have relevant and reliable websites, not spam.

Nofollow links: They usually appear in red because they indicate a threat. However, you should avoid using nofollow links. Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter will automatically follow.

Dofollow Links: Links that allow Google and other search engines to track and access your website. This link is useful for websites because it helps you get good search engine rankings.

Website Links Count Checker

Some website links count checker tools use many control tools that will also identify the anchor text linking your website to another website. This can help you search the text to create more Dofollow links.