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Convert your domain address to IP by simply entering the complete URL in the box and press Enter. This fast tool quickly provides complete details of the IP address of the domain name in no time.

Our Free online Domain into IP converter 2019 tool will indicate the IP address of the domain, the country where the server is located and the exact details of the ISP. Thanks to this tool, it is now very easy to convert a domain to IP. Simply paste the domain name and let our tools capture all the details for you.

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IP address

The IP address consists of four digits. Each one contains one to three numbers. There is a little '. 'Separate each line of numbers. Each of the four numbers can be between 0 and 255. The IP address can be seen as 28,178,123,456. The reach of non-destructive numbers is the key to allowing users to send and receive data from other websites. This is a set of numbers that allow us to access the correct website.

Domain Into IP

Static or dynamic IP address

The two types of designated IP addresses are called static and dynamic. Static never changes it’s address.

The static IP address shows the continent, the country and the region where the computer is located. However, the IP address may not reveal the correct domain information. The IP address will provide this information when conducting an IP search. The reason is that a South Asian company can have a static IP address in a web-based web hosting provider. Larger companies prefer to have static IP addresses, while some government agencies have static IP addresses.

A dynamic IP address is a set of interchangeable IP addresses. All ISPs have a set of addresses and assign IP addresses when connecting to Internet users. Hackers can more easily protect static IP addresses because the domain address never changes. Dynamic exchange of IP addresses is cheaper and more secure than static IP addresses. When an attacker attempts to attack a dynamic address, it can find a different domain that uses that IP address.

Domain Into IP

How to find domain to IP?

You can find your IP address or website in several ways. You can search for an IP address using the ping command. But knowing the IP address of the website will not give you any additional information.

For more information about domain IP addresses, visit in your browser and look for the "Domain to IP" icon, or copy / paste in the address bar of your computer. Search in the browser. The domain will be shown in the IP tool. Enter the domain name for which you want to obtain an IP address and click Send. The application will display the domain name, IP address, country and service provider.

In addition to displaying the IP address, it also shows the location of the country and the name of the web hosting provider that hosts the domain you are looking for.