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Free Online Domain Age Checker 2019 finds the right number of users for you. The age of the domain is considered one of the most important things in the rankings of search engines. Therefore, be sure to follow the age of the websites you host on the Internet. Older domain names can increase your ranking in search engines. By using the domain age checker, you can also verify the age of your competitor's domain name and the domain name you want to buy.

Does Domain Age Matter?

Yes! Domain age is very important for SEO or Google rankings. The various weighting factors that Google considers when categorizing websites include the age of the domain. In other words, how much time is important?

It is useful to consider the properties of a particular website, but how long Google has indexed it for the first time. This is why many companies want to buy the "age domain" of the OOMPH element. However, if the domain name was registered about 10 years ago, Google should be indexed.

Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker for SEO

There is controversy about how to better understand the problem. The evidence and experience of search engine optimization clearly show that older domains will get older when they compete. In fact, Google has made it clear that the era of real estate is important, but the cards are still close to their breasts.

Let's talk about what we know:

  • In Google rankings, the age domain is an important factor and part of SEO.
  • In the first months after Google discovered the site, the site was overwhelming. In the first months, the rankings were relatively difficult in terms of competition. In fact, some SEOs will not work in new areas.
  • According to Google, the difference between 6 months and 12 months is minimal.

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One of the best tools to determine the age of a domain name is the freeseosolutions Domain Age Checker.

To use this active tool, simply enter the URL in the text field and click Check the age of the domain. You will get the results immediately on the date of the last update.

Domain Age Checker