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About Server Status Checker

Our tool's URL checker capability makes it an incredible tool than any others around the internet. Our powerful tools can help you to determine if the status of a website is offline or online. Simply enter your domain or subdomain to find out the status of your site. Allow users to enter up to 100 URLs per hour, in different lines. For your convenience, our tools are free including freeseosolutions’ server status Checker tool.

Our tools play an important role in checking various problems related to your website and the status of your servers. Place up to 100 sites in the available text box. The HTTP status code and the status of each website will be displayed. Each state of the server code has different meanings. The following defines the meaning of some server statuses:

  1. 200: This means that your site is in the correct state and that the server returns the URL of the website you requested.
  2. 301: This means that the address of your website is permanently transferred to the new site address and all domains and subdomains must be redirected to the new location.
  3. 302: This means that you have found a temporary redirection of the site. The URL of this site must be reused because it is temporary.
  4. 307: similar to 302.
  5. 400: This means a bad request. This means that the server does not know the URL of the website you are requesting.
  6. 401: unauthorized access.
  7. 403: Prohibits the indication that the server does not show anything until it grants access to this content.
  8. 404: not found. We could not receive this error message because we did not get the required results, which means we could not find the file on the web server.
  9. 410: similar to 404.
  10. 500: Internal server error. This error message prevents webmasters, web developers and users from accessing websites individually, as this error is for the server and should be resolved more easily.

The ability to verify the URL of our tools makes it an excellent tool compared to other Internet content.

Server Status Checker

How to Use Server Status Checker Tool?

Our complex but professional server status checker tool allows you to verify the status of a particular web server. If the webmaster is offline or online, the site status server notifies the webmaster. The online status indicates that the website is working correctly, and users’ access is easy, and the offline status indicates a problem with the website, and users face problems to access it. To use our tools, users must place the details of the domain name in the fields provided for this purpose, and the tool will do the rest for you. Our tools must be used regularly because the server can be deleted at any time, which affects the user. Therefore, by using our tools, webmasters can regularly monitor the status of the site and take immediate action as the state is down.

Server Status Checker

Why to use Freeseosolutions’ Server Status Checker Tool? is a recognized website in the field of free online search engine optimization tools, which gives webmasters powerful tools to improve the performance of their website. The main purpose of freeseosolutions is to help webmasters in the best possible way. We offer free SEO tools. Freeseosolutions’ server Status Checker tool allows you to verify the perfect status of your website.

One person can enter the URL of 100 websites at the same time. The tool can verify the server status of 100 websites in a matter of seconds. Our tools allow users to verify the status of the web server. If you try to check the status of a website that belongs to another user, our tool is not displayed because it allows the user to evaluate the status of the server. In addition, our tools can be used for free by webmasters.