Keyword Density Checker

About Keyword Density Checker

Keyword density is the percentage of time a keyword or phrase is used on a web page relative to the total content available on that page. The webmasters examine this question to determine if a web page is related to a particular topic.

Freeseosolutions’ Online Free Keyword Density Checker Tool 2019 not only helps you find the right way for you. Content writers and webmasters should check keywords before or after posting. We have added both options to calculate density via webpage URL or by copy-pasting your text in the input box. We offer a 100% free and advance service and this tool is not subject to any restrictions. You can use the Keyword Density Calculator for an unlimited number of checks.

Once the results are displayed, you will see 3 results: phrase name, number of uses, and percentage of total content. The formula for calculating its value is very simple. First, calculate your decision: how many times did you use it in the content and divided by the total length of the text

Our analysis of online tools analyzes and produced results with three different perspectives. It will be a density of one, two and three words. You should keep it between 1 and 2% of its total content.

The most common question: if I exceed the limit? Excessive use of the same word or phrase can be used in the context of keyword filling. So do not try to optimize the content of your website.

How Keyword Density Checker Can Result In Over Optimization

In the early 90s, most webmasters used this technique in their search engines. After changing policies and updating Panda, Google marked all these websites as spam, and users who use the same keywords multiple times. It is natural to use keywords 4 to 5 times. Most SEO experts recommend it below 3%. More than this percentage concerns optimization.

Search engine keywords are very optimized and do not have enough resources. But now, one question may come in your mind that is "How do I know the keyword is finished?" The answer is very simple: use the Freeseosolutions’ keyword density checker and it will show the most relevant keywords on website.

How Keyword Density Is Calculated?

Its formula is as follows (NKr / Tkn) x100, where Nkr is the number of uses of the keyword and Tkn is the total number of words in the article or text. If you use the term "plagiarism checker", it will be treated as a keyword instead of 2 words and the formula will be (1 / Tkn) x100.

How To Manage Keyword Stuffing?

If the density is less than 3%, do not worry, but if you exceed this limit, treat it as a keyword to fill. You can replace the plagiarism inspector with a plagiarism detector, plagiarism software or a copy and paste checker. To do this, you can use this article to create a rewriting tool. The second measure increases the length of the text, this percentage will be automatically reduced.