Plagiarism checker is a tool to check the plagiarism within a minute in the written article. In this era of the world, it is effortless to check plagiarism in the reports. A lot of tools are available on the internet to check the purity of the work. We can use plagiarism checker to check your academy work.

You can find plagiarism in any field like scientific papers and novels etc. Plagiarized data is not acceptable at anywhere. By monitoring the piracy, you will know about the purity of your information then you can rewrite or pure your data by different methods.


Detection of plagiarism is of two types. It can be manual or software based. Manual is a severe type of plagiarism checking in which a lot of data is compared for verification, or the original document compares it. It requires a lot of time to check. Software-based is very easy and a quick. We can test a collection of papers in software at a time. Software-based is very helpful for us. Plagiarism detection has two types.

  1. External plagiarism checker
  2. Internal plagiarism checker

Plagiarism Checker Methods:

These are the methods which are using for the plagiarism checking all over.

Fingerprinting (This is widely approach method all over the world for plagiarism detection. This method works by selecting a set of multiple substrings from an article. It shows digests of an article.)

String Matching (It is a common approach, and it is used in computer science. When this method is applied to the article for plagiarism detection, a document is compared to the verbatim texts overlaps.)

Bag of Words (It is a new method which is works by vector space retrieval. In this method, documents are shown as one or multiple vectors for different parts which are used as pairwise.

Citation Analysis (Citation based plagiarism detection depends upon citation analysis. It is the only method for plagiarism checking which does not depend on textual similarity.

Stylometry (It is a statistical method which is used for quantifying the author writing style.

Performance (This method works by comparing the different articles. By comparing we can check the plagiarism.  All these methods depend on the textual similarity.

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